900pxchapeternaltopperA Delt is a Delt for life — and beyond

When a Delt Chapter learns of the death of one of its Brothers, the Undergraduates preform one last ritual act in that Brother’s honor: Induction into Chapter Eternal.

Because Epsilon Upsilon is a relatively young Chapter, we only have a few Alumni who have been inducted into Chapter Eternal. We remember and honor those Delts who have gone before, here, listed by graduation class year.

Robert L. Jones ’27

Marietta College Professor of History
Charter Member of Epsilon Upsilon
Initiated: Nov. 23, 1968
Family Line: None

Tom Robinson ’69

1969RobinsonheadCEFounding member of Beta Delta Epsilon
Charter Member of Epsilon Upsilon
Initiated: Nov. 23, 1968
Offices held: Treasurer and President
Family Line: Head of the Robinson Line
Little Brothers: Steve Fox ’70, Robert Exten ’71 and Gordon Turner ’71
Nickname: Tuki




William Havens ’69

1969HavensheadCECharter Member of Epsilon Upsilon
Initiated: Nov. 23, 1968
Offices held: Vice President
Family Line: St. Clair, First Generation
Big Brother: Lee St. Clair ’67
Little Brothers: Nick Miles ’70 and Murray Talasnik ’71

“When I joined Beta Delta Epsilon, Bill was the pledge master. Being a pledge then was quite different than today, especially in a pledge class of one. Bill made it fun. Bill was a musician. At Shelter singing practice, he would sing directly into my ear in the forlorn hope that I would get it right.

“Bill was at every fraternity social event. Many of our greatest parties were hosted at his apartment. Bill was a tireless worker. He held many Chapter posts, including vice president. Bill was a critical part of the team that made the difference in the Crescent Colony, securing our Chapter.

“When I jumped into Duck Creek, head first, and knocked myself unconscious, he pulled me out. Bill saved my life. I really don’t know if there is a Chapter Eternal. It sounds pretty chancy to me. But if there is, it will be good to see Bill Havens again.”

— Remembrance by Joe Kirby ’70, published in the Spring 1991 Chapter alumni publication

 Edward Ives ’70

1969IvesheadCECharter Member of Epsilon Upsilon
Initiated: Nov. 23, 1968
Family Line: Hirsch, Second Generation
Big Brother: Joseph Farrell ’68
Little Brother: Gregory Hanson ’72





James Meads ’72

1972MeadsheadCEInitiated: May 11, 1969
Family Line: Kavula, Third Generation
Big Brother: John Devito ’71
Nicknames: Boo-Boo, Meadsey

“Jimmy Meads was always a stabilizing force. He wasn’t a prude — he’d drink and socialize, but he was always a calm in the storm. Jim was very intelligent, studied hard and did well. We always had a high GPA in the Delt House — and a percentage of that can certainly be attributed to him. Jim would never let partying get in the way of his studies. He always attended frat meetings, and was a part of our team during inter-frat football games.

“Jim was small in stature, but always big in friendliness, courtesy and manners. I remember that he always dressed nicely. At that time (late ’60s/’70s), many brothers had really long hair, cut-offs, sandals, T-shirts, beaded necklaces, carried “Fuck Don’t Fight” banners (that was the era), but Jim Meads would often have a nice shirt and sweater combo. He looked “preppy” at a time when a good bunch of us just looked like we had attended Woodstock. He stood out! You just knew he had a great family, and they brought him up the right way.

“Jim Meads was liked by everyone — you couldn’t NOT like him. His uniqueness added so much to Epsilon Upsilon’s “Unity By Diversification”— and that helped made us strong and helped us grow.

“When I found out that he was so ill, it made me sick. I thought how can something this awful happen to such a wonderful individual. I remember I called him and we talked. He talked about life. He didn’t blame anyone for his malady, he just took his illness in stride. I thought this Jim Meads is one tough bird. I closed my call (nearly in tears) by telling him to take care and that I would pray for him. It wasn’t long afterwards that I read that Jim died. My heart sank.″

— Remembrance by Ted Smith ’71, written in 2013

Fritz Absolon ’78

1977AbsolonCEsizeInitiated: Oct. 1, 1977
Family Line: Warner, Eighth Generation
Big Brother: P. Matt Sutko ’78
Little Brother: Jeffrey Myers ’81




Peter Cartoun ’79

1977cartounCEsizeInitiated: Jan. 22, 1977
Offices held: Vice President, President, President Emeritus
Family Line: Robinson, Fifth Generation
Big Brother: W. Alan Head ’78
Little Brothers: Kevin Geiger, ’81, Walter Meneses ’81 and Theodore Haase ’82




Kevin Hayes ’79

Initiated: Oct. 18, 1975
Family Line: Robinson, Fifth Generation
Big Brother: Gregory McComas ’77

If you would like to contribute a remembrance or biographical information for any of these men, please contact Shawn Selby ’92.